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In addition to related network applications which are indispensable for our daily life at present, communications products must be developed more and more rapidly with the advancement of IoT and Industry 4.0.  Heat problem will be a major issue on the development of communication products when the product specifications get enhanced.

Take routers around our life for example. We can choose TG2030 in accordance with the design institution. Heat at any degree in a region can be absorbed by its material because it has soft character, then heat will be conducted to cooling fins or surfaces of products. Besides, some products like set-top boxes for receiving satellite and digital signals gradually beginning to be added recording functions. In order to responding storage systems of these products, using PC93 or PC94 which is non-silicon and not easy to be volatilized is more suitable. As for cell phone signal base stations focusing on being used for a long time, it is recommended to select TG4040 which has soft character will produce lower thermal resistance overall. Heat from multimode fiber will be increased largely if there is more demands for faster network speed. Moreover, taking into account requests for reliance and limitations for the inside space of products, TGX with high thermal conductivity usually becomes as a solution. 

In addition, there are higher percentages of thermal conductive materials to be applied to the security control products in the communications industry.

IP Camera in the current mainstream needs not only photography functions but also functions for connecting information and pictures to computer interfaces of users immediately by network interfaces. This kind of product is usually used for ages and its lens has to be prevented pollution from vaporizing materials. Therefore, they will be recommended to choose thermal conductive materials-- TG4040 or TG6050 which has high-performance and low volatile features.

In addition to consider about the choice of thermal pads, the communication related products also frequently appear problems from electromagnetic waves. Consequently, people can take account of adopting XL-25 ceramic heat spreaders which are made of  insulated materials and can reduce the EMI interference, or choosing  the flexible absorbent materials to solve this kind of problems.

  • XL-25 ceramic heat spreader
    XL-25 ceramic heat spreader
  • TGX ultra soft thermal pad
    TGX ultra soft thermal pad
  • PC93 non-silicone thermal pad
    PC93 non-silicone thermal pad
  • TG2030 ultra soft thermal pad
    TG2030 ultra soft thermal pad

Mobile phone thermal solution

T68 graphite sheet - the popular item for communication products. Due to T68 graphite sheet 's  ultra high thermal conductivity and EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) shielding effect, it definitely is the best helper for heat dissipation in communication products.

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