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T-Global new brand corporate identification system


T-Global Technology is dedicated to the development, manufacture and research of thermal solution engineering and materials. We will integrate Taiwan and European brands and establish a brand new brand identification system in 2020 , And determined to continue the research and promotion of innovative technology.





In the past, T-Global did not have a brand identification design standard. The difference between Chinese and English fonts caused visual inconsistency.


The new LOGO combines the two images with a circular arc in the rigidity of the design, showing the characteristics of the technology industry with a smooth and flexible service attitude.


 The italic design represents fast service, without losing the stability of the company and has the image of thermal circulation and conduction flow.




The color scheme retains the original blue of T-Global and the orange of the European branch. Blue represents the image of technology and speed,orange represents the young and innovative personality of T-Global.

The overall effect is more in line with the future trend of the smart industry.


We know this is a significant change, but our professional attitude and prompt service remains constant. “More innovation. Less heat.” Let’s lead the world in bringing new technologies and enhancing thermal engineering.