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T-Global new factory uses ALC lightweight concrete to achieve energy-saving final goals of thermal engineering

After nearly three years of discussion, planning, and review, T-global New Factory has made every effort in terms of structure, material, and space planning. Finally achieved the goal of thermal engineering of friendly earth. This concept is not only accepted by academic and construction industry but also has been copied and applied by the government.


The  outstanding part of the building is that we used foamed lightweight concrete slabs (ALC panels) as the building materials for the interior and exterior walls of the factory. The ALC board is the abbreviation of Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete. The main raw materials are cement, strontium sand, lime, aluminum powder foaming agent, etc. After high temperature pressure, foaming, and coagulation, a multi-porous concrete sheet covered with uniform small bubbles is formed.


ALC board has many outstanding performance and environmental protection properties. Firstly, it is light material the weight is one quarter of general concrete. It also makes workers more convenient and quick to assemble. Secondly, it is low thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity is one tenth of general concrete. No matter its hot or cold in summer or winter, the indoors are maintained at a suitable temperature. The electricity consumption of five large freight elevators can be saved in a year. In addition, the advantages include sound insulation, fire resistance, durability, anti-seismic, etc. As a pioneer of thermal engineering technology, T-global technology is able to used these technologies and materials more flexibly because of deep penetration of heat and heat conduction fields to achieve the ultimate goal of friendly earth.


Moreover, the entire building of the T-global factory is also equipped with a large-scale recycling rainwater system and a solar panel storage system. Our new factory are opening soon, the aerial 720 degree panoramic view is coming up soon, get your attention to T-global Technology.