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For three consecutive years, 1,800 magazines have been allocated for public welfare to care for children's learning

T-Global has been supporting public welfare for a long time, In the past three years, the love has spread to 26 schools, a total of 151 loves, 1,812 magazines, and a lot of effort has been invested in sports and public welfare. The company upholds the concept of dedication to the society and hopes to help children develop their potential, cultivate thinking skills and create more possibilities.


Feedback from children from school in Taiwan
"I like Future Children's magazine because it introduces common sense that many classmates don’t know, and also introduces life in other countries and recent events, some of which are related to the content of the textbook, so I find it very interesting. Thank you T-Global gave us the magazine, so that we can enrich a lot of interesting common sense." —A student from Shangde Elementary School


"Every time when the teacher brings the future children’s magazine to the class, I can’t wait to read this magazine well when I back home. There are a lot of new knowledge in the book. I like the cover story best. Because they are both rich in knowledge and very special. There is a lot of knowledge that even adults don’t know. I shared the knowledge to my dad after I read this magazine and my dad was surprised by me, which makes me feel much fulfilled." — From Xinxing Elementary School.


The Future Children’s Magazine published by the Foresight Tianxia Culture and Education Foundation helps expand the knowledge of children through rich and interesting content. Through feedback from school teachers, the Future Children’s Magazine has become a well-known reading material for students in the classroom. My favorite units, especially those in more remote villages, because of lack of stimulation in life, magazines cover current affairs and international perspectives, which often give students different perspectives and explorations. The rich content has also become a supplementary teaching material in class and an assistant teacher.


We are willing to do our best to be angels in other people’s lives

T-Global believes that we will not hesitate to give assistance, if we have the ability to give back to the society. In addition to the regular sponsorship of children’s magazines in the future, we pay more attention to social disadvantages and sports events, listen to the voices that need us in life, and are more willing than to run a business.