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Thermal Simulation

●Reducing R&D costs
●Save R&D time
●Technology Cooperation Trends

Vapor Chamber

●Quickly cool down 
●3D heat transfer structure
●Flexible accessory combination

Heat Pipe

●Quickly solve single point heating
●Large heat transfer, highly efficient
●Small size and weight, High flexibility

Thermal Interface Material

●Diverse product selection
●High customization flexibility
●Effectively reduce thermal resistance 

Heat Sink

●Efficiency improvement for module
●Good choice for heat dissipation 
●Small Quantity Available

Thermoelectric Cooling Chip

●Control temperature easily
●Small size, Light weight
●High reliability

Flexible Absorbent Material

●Ultra-thin and flexible
●Effectively suppress interference
●Excellent performance


●Forced convection preferred 
●Small Quantity Available
●Customized cooling module