T-Global Technology is a thermal solution service provider, we understand that all of our activities, products, services can affect our environment. For reducing the impact of our environment, we promise to follow the below rules:

1. Commit to comply with environmental laws, regulations and customers' requirements for environment management.

2. Promise not to use prohibited substances, and treat our environment friendly.

3. Keep improving the performance of the environmental management and pollution prevention.

4. Implement resource conservation and waste recycling management.

5. Apply emergency measures to ensure workplace safety.


All products from T-Global are RoHS and Reach compliant. Additionally all employees of T-Global follow a green code of practice:

1. More efficient use of energy.

2. Reduced carbon footprint

3. Development on low environmental impact materials


T-Global takes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously.


Office environment greening

  • 植草磚透水
    Permeable grass brick
  • 雨水回收
    Rainwater recycling
  • 辦公環境綠化
    Office environment greening
  • LED節能
    LED for Energy-saving
  • 有機菜園
    Organic farms