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T-Global providing professional heat dissipation services, Schedule a test drive with Tesla?

Have you heard of such a company? An hour of shopping or an hour of reading at a bookstore, the company donates five dollars to charity; take books and bookstore screenshots, the company will give you half-day reading leave, take a movie ticket , the company will give you half-day movie leave; the second floor of the office is equipped the gym.

There is a massage chair to relieve the fatigue of employees. The more extreme thing is ~ "Tesla is open for a test ride!  You can rent Tesla for free for one day and drive Tesla home!" Kenny, the founder and general manager of T-Global Technology said.

In October 2016, T-Global which has been certified as a B Corp enterprise, provides the heat dissipation and conversion products most famous domestic and global high-tech companies need. Tesla, Intel, Delta, HP, Gogoro et al. In general, T-Global replaces the supplier of heat dissipation products, and has further become a service integrator that provides comprehensive heat dissipation solutions. It has become a heat dissipation consultant relied on by major technology manufacturers to reduce thermal energy loss for customers and save money and resources, cherish the environment for customers, protect the planet, and treat all stakeholders.


☛Let's Test Drive: http://sc.piee.pw/NZTQ7


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