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T-Global Warm Sweeping - Dandelion Flight Project (Sponsored The Thermal Engineering Research Program)


With the progress of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, products features from T-Global have been improved. Also, equipments have been elaborated. Thermal products from T-Global have become an indispensable consideration elements of customers. T-Global has founded for 13 years. For theses years, we are gradually growing up and pursuing a breakthrough: producing and developing the greater thermal interface materials. Just like the students such as dandelion. We all fly into the sky and explore the world. The main purpose of the project is making the industry and school closer. We provide fertile soils to students. Encouraging them to be dare to try to innovate and promote the development of future technologies and related industries. Therefore, we establish this project to support more students.

The Organizer: T-Global