Power Supply Industry

Due to a flourishing industry of Power Supply, its market becomes more competitive nowadays. Considering the profits keep decreasing, most of the manufacturers are focusing to develop the products with high efficiency and special customized products, and this is the current trend in this industry.

The main applications with high performance in this market are PC Power, Sever Power and Industrial Computers, in order not to seriously influence their life-span due to high thermal energy and voltage, using the thermal pads with higher thermal conductivity and dielectric breakdown voltage (e.g. t-global TGX series) will be the best way to solve the problems.

In addition to those products above, parts of products which with lower performance are for adapters, laptops and Netcom, therefore; knowing how to use appropriate thermal solutions with competitive price (e.g. t-global L37-5, L37-3F and Li2000) could be the key for business growth.

  • TG series thermal pad
    TG series thermal pad
  • Li2000 thermal tape
    Li2000 thermal tape
  • L37-3F thermal pad
    L37-3F thermal pad
  • L37-5 thermal pad
    L37-5 thermal pad