Panel Industry

Panel industry has many applications and influences our daily life deeply. Recently panel screen size is getting bigger and increases application more. For example: we can see many sizes of monitors, the screen on the smart phone even you will meet the huge LED panel light on the building wall. In the past we were focus on developing LCD panel but we began to change the vision into the liquid crystal panel for car industry and sales with Internet of Things gradually.

Thermal interface materials can be used in panel industry. For example: Li98 thermal tapes can be used in LED back lighting for helping conduction efficiently from back light to mental board. Except back lighting mold, power IC and drive IC will produce high temperature when they are running. L37-3FB/H48-6/TG4040 thermal pads are suitable items to solve this issue at this time. These materials assist heat flow quickly from IC to heat sink. If you didn’t use TIM, IC will be easy shot down or breakdown.

When IC running, thermal energy issues are always become serious problem in design. Therefore how to use correct thermal materials to continue IC life cycle? It is become the most important issue for every panel industries.

Last several years, teensy-weensy products are become main stream in the 3C market. All products are become thinner and lighter effect panel industry has to follow this trend. If the general heat sinks or cooper/aluminum thermal modules can’t reduce their thickness efficiently, T68 artificial graphite sheet will be the good choice to replace them as well. Because features of T68 have Ultra high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity with EMI shielding, flexible, bendable, ultra thin (0.025mm), low mass, and environmental friendly.

  • T68 artificial graphite sheet
    T68 artificial graphite sheet
  • H48-6 thermal pad
    H48-6 thermal pad
  • L37-3F thermal pad
    L37-3F thermal pad
  • Li-98 thermal tape
    Li-98 thermal tape

Laptop Cooling Module Design

►How to effectively dissipate heat for the mechanism becomes an important issue for engineers as  laptop is becoming thinner and lighter. Through the video,we  can understand how thermal interface materials, heat pipe and fan are using the heat conduction, heat spread and heat dissipation to combine the passive and active heat, which become the  most effective heat dissipation in laptops!

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