Military Products/Medical Imdustry


With advanced technology, the power component is more and more precise. Thermal solution becomes an indispensable part in design progress which affects the size and stability of products.

Military products are restricted by strict safety regulations. H48-6G,TG-6050,TG-X, GT series are famous modules in military industry which with high reliability, compressibility, thermal and insulation performance. Air- a bad heat transferring medium will block the heat transfer from the heat source to heat spreader. The main purpose to use thermal pad is to fill the gap and decrease the thermal resistance between the surface of heat source and heat spreader.

Though, the higher thermal conductivity (W/mK) has better thermal performance, we will also consider factors based on different design like thermal resistance and material of the housing that we can choose the most suitable module.

  • GT Series thermal pad
    GT Series thermal pad
  • TGX ultra soft thermal pad
    TGX ultra soft thermal pad
  • TG6050 ultra soft thermal pad
    TG6050 ultra soft thermal pad
  • H48-6G thermal pad
    H48-6G thermal pad


Precision medical electrical devices allow paramedics serve accurate and steady healthcare, even enhance healthcare quality for patients. Therefore, more and more high resolution and great performance medical equipment had showed up to the world for diversity diagnosis, and keep releasing better versions nowadays, like Abdominal Ultrasonography equipment, Endoscopy Equipment, radioscopy apparatus.

Especially, the medical equipment need render clear and meticulous for diagnosing the symptom and examination. Therefore, high brightness display monitors play an important role in healthcare systems. Under the request of high brightness, the temperature of the LED backlighting is getting higher and higher to upgrade the performance in recent years. To enhance the reliability and durability of high brightness light bar, customers apply their design to our thermal tape- Liv2, Li98c. These items are capable with high reliability, great thermal performance, and competitive price. Most importantly, with thermal tape can dissipate heat out more effective!

  • Li-98 thermal tape
    Li-98 thermal tape
  • Liv2 thermal tape
    Liv2 thermal tape