The LED Industry

The LED industry is considered as one of the most potential markets in recent years with characteristics- light weight, high efficiency, long lifespan, and it is environmentally friendly without mercury. Whereas, over-heated problem is one of the top issues to overcome. Declined LED luminescence efficiency, uneven brightness, and higher dissipation cost are the consequences without sufficient thermal management.

To optimize the assembly and product lifespan, our thermal tape - Li98 has widely replaced conventional thermal grease. It shortens the assembly time, and overcomes embrittlement problem of thermal grease. Furthermore, applications with high power LED between two Aluminum boards desperate with smooth dissipation efficiency. Thermal pads in great softness and high thermal conductivity - TG4040, TG6050, and TGX are highly recommended.

  • TG6050 ultra soft thermal pad
    TG6050 ultra soft thermal pad
  • TG4040 ultra soft thermal pad
    TG4040 ultra soft thermal pad
  • Li-98 thermal tape
    Li-98 thermal tape
  • TGX ultra soft thermal pad
    TGX ultra soft thermal pad

Backlight Module Application

►LED industry's popular product - Li98 double sided thermal tape.
Known as its' easy assemble and high reliability properties, which is widely used in panel backlight module and LED lighting. T-global technology also offers customization of cutting and release liner for saving your assemble time in production line.  
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