Car Assembly Industry

In recent years, more and more automobile manufacturers launch new products for Crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (CUV) and Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) all over the world. These models coupled with new, multifunctional and digital technology are highly praised by consumers; gradually people reduce the original use of automobile and SUV. Further, manufacturers integrating environmental concerns into development, with energy conservation, carbon reduction and high-tech as the starting point, the component configuration also has a new generation of design. As the priority target of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles, the emergence of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles advance these decades of automobile industry to the higher ground. In Taiwan, the development of electric vehicle (suggesting using thermal pad of T-Global L37-3 with metal heat spreader.) is also expected. The government establishes an EV Promotion Office where helps the Electric vehicle widespread in public institutions and travel sites.

Automobile is no doubt the most direct way of transportation for people. From the traditional driving mode to the current electronic assisting system, such as GPS Navigation System (suggesting using T-Global FAM and thermal pad H48-6G) and Dashboard Camera (suggesting using T-Global thermal pads of TG series), which helps to reduce the difficulties that drivers may face. Besides, Active Parking Assist, Car Reverses View System (suggesting using T-Global thermal pads of TG series) and Full-LED System for carbon reduction (suggesting using T-Global UL thermal tape and thermal pads of TG series) enhance comprehensively the safety and environmental care. Also, Internet of Vehicles (IOV) combines sensor and digital transmission and its application provides further information including traffic condition to drivers.

  • L37-3 thermal pad
    L37-3 thermal pad
  • TG series thermal pad
    TG series thermal pad
  • H48-6G thermal pad
    H48-6G thermal pad
  • FAM