Panel Industry

At present, the display panel industry is mainly based on the four trends of large size, 8K, OLED, flexible screen, and the large size panel industry has become regular.Compared with LCD panels and LED backlight modules.In the past, OLEDs have advantages in picture quality, thinness, and high screen ratio, and have become important development directions for the mobile phone industry.

In the eSports industry, micro-LEDs rely on ns-level response times, high luminous efficiency, and low energy consumption characteristics to grab digital business opportunities in the e-sports industry. Taiwan will also be LED and transformed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The integration of Taiwan's micro-LED industry chain must stand out in the eSports industry and emerging fields such as automotive applications.


LED backlight module:

Different hardness thermal pad and thermal tape can assist curing to the metal radiator, the purpose is to protect the LED particles from short circuit or failure due to high temperature during operation, which affects product self-life .

T-CON board and COF IC:

It is a key component of the video image signal displayed on the LCD screen. The common LCD TVs in the home have flower screens, image flips, and whitening, etc., which are caused by T-CON board circuit failure. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the four circuit boards of the LCD screen has become a major focus. Usually, thermal pad is used to convert the heat source to the metal mechanism to dissipate heat.

Thin, flexible screen products:

Under the circumstances that the thickness of traditional heat sinks or copper-aluminum heat sinks can no longer be reduced, T68 artificial graphite has the opportunity to replace traditional heat sinks. Through it, the thickness is only 0.025mm, which is super high horizontal plane's resonance temperature uniformity characteristics make it more widely used and the conditions are more advantageous.


T-Global Suggested Products: TG-A6200 Thermal Pad/TG-T1000 Thermal Tape/Graphite Sheet/Thermal Module

  • TG-A6200 Thermal Pad
    TG-A6200 Thermal Pad
  • TG-T1000 Thermal Tape
    TG-T1000 Thermal Tape
  • Graphite Sheet
    Graphite Sheet

Backlight Module Application

►LED industry's popular product - Li98 double sided thermal tape.
Known as its' easy assemble and high reliability properties, which is widely used in panel backlight module and LED lighting. T-global technology also offers customization of cutting and release liner for saving your assemble time in production line.  
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