The biggest highlight of the technology industry in recent years is nothing more than the rise of 5G industry. This rise help to accelerate the development of high-speed mobile transmission applications, applications in smart manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), remote medical care, smart cities, immersive interactive entertainment, large-scale IoT, High-definition mobile streaming and other industries.

In order to achieve 5G global services, telecom operators are intensively building 5G infrastructure, and various manufacturers are also actively deploying, such as cloud operators to build computing and storage devices, AI operators penetrating in smart phones, home Internet and Wi-Fi 6 standard combined with household fixed wireless access (FWA) ., etc. In the next ten years, we will move toward to a new era of 5G and we looking forward to it.


Mobile / home router:

According to the design of the application, a ultra-soft thermal pad can be selected to fill up the uneven surface of each heat spots, helps to quickly conduct all the heats to heat sink or housing.

Set-top box for receiving satellites and digital signals:

Due to the recording function of the storage device, non-silicon and low-volatility products are more suitable for these applications.


T-Global Suggested Products: Thermal Interface Material/Heat Pipe/Vapor Chamber/Heat Sink

  • TG-A1450 Thermal Pad
    TG-A1450 Thermal Pad
  • Heat Pipe
    Heat Pipe
  • Vapor Chamber
    Vapor Chamber
  • Heat Sink
    Heat Sink

Backlight Module Application

►LED industry's popular product - Li98 double sided thermal tape.
Known as its' easy assemble and high reliability properties, which is widely used in panel backlight module and LED lighting. T-global technology also offers customization of cutting and release liner for saving your assemble time in production line.
Learn more_ Li98 thermal tape
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