How to choose the correct thermal material?
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When the thermally conductive materials are heated, will the materials separate out? 

Most of thermal pad products have silicone oil composition, T-Global is treated by a special process of high temperature chemical treatment, and through special treatment twice high temperature chemical treatment, and use the hot vacuum treatment to solve the gas silica oil precipitation problem. We develop non-silicone thermal pad to solve the problem of oil leakage.


How long can we use the thermal pad?

The thermal pad products from T-Global, It comes with the substrate silicone rubber. It can use 20 years normally. But Thermal pad's life depends on how you use it.


When the thermal materials be heated, will it change its hardness?

The thermal pad products from T-Global, it comes silicone rubber's nature property. In the -40 - 200 ℃ working environment will not be significant changes can be easily used for assembly.


What is the mean of your company's thermal material comes with micro-viscosity?

The thermal pad products from T-Global, it comes with silicone rubbers nature property with micro-viscosity. It can assemble more conveniently when you use it. With micro-viscosity, it is spall easily and also can avoid strip.


Does the surface of the thermal pad have a micro-stick?

The thermal pad from T-Global comes with micro-stick. It can make customer position conveniently and heavy industry operations, to avoid tearing itself. So the operator can easy to remove from the chassis and heat sink re-use. Please rest assured to use the use thermal materials products from T-Global.

What kind of thermal pad do we have?

*Well rework effective in preventing resonance, avoid noise, isolate, to support, avoid EMI (The series of FAM)

*high softness、compressibility and thermal property. (The series of TG)

*high insulation strength, great thermal conductivity (The series of L37, The series of H48)

*electrical insulation, smooth interface,Applicable within the range of constant temperature radiation (The series of TG)


Do Thermal materials can offer adhesive?

L37/H48 from T-Global can do adhesive, and pass SGS, every piece of thermal pad can do adhesive.


What is the composition of the heat-conducting silicone film?

ent, crosslinking agent, flamThermal pad is based on silicone,

It adds thermal powder, pigme retardant and Catalyst. After a special process of processing and synthesis, it become a material with heat, insulation, flame retardant. It mainly used to fill the electronic components of the heat source surface and the heat sink or heat between the shell, the heat transfer interface.


What are the characteristics of thermal pad?

Thermal pad has a very soft, flexible, strong compressive, the surface comes with natural micro-stick, paste well, good insulator,

Very good thermal conductivity, Thickness selectivity diversity,fill up the tolerance of electronic components,Chemical stability, use for very long time, can reuse……


How to use thermal pad?

Thermal pad can operate very well, you just need to gently tear off the protective film, and then put it between heat source surface and heat sink or heat sink.


What is the application of flame retardant thermal pad?

It can use in electronic industry, like LED light, Switching power supply, household appliances, LED TV, mobile devices, network equipment, communications equipment, IC chips, circuit board and heat sink between the filling, machine boxes, CPU and other electronic appliances industry.


What else can we use thermal pad?

According to customers needs, thermal pads can adhesive, one side adhesive, two side adhesive. We produce thermal tape, thermal conductive graphite sheet, potting compound, to meet different customer needs.
Thermal conductivity of silicone film basic specifications: 300 * 300MM, thickness 0.2 ~ 20.0MM.Customize with suitable thermal tape can also be provided in coil form.


The expiry date of cement

You need to use it no longer than three months or it will be reduced viscosity.


Will the silicone material be hard for a long time?

A little bit, probably(Shore A or Shore00 2~3)。

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